A Tooth Lost to Severe Dental Trauma Might Need a Bridge Restoration

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Oral trauma can sometimes cause severe dental trauma. In a rare situation where the root has suffered significant harm or the underlying socket structure has been traumatized, the tooth might not be viable for restoration with a root canal. To treat a problem of this magnitude, Dr. Vincent J. Giaimo might recommend extracting the tooth.

Once the traumatized tissues in the area have healed, Dr. Vincent J. Giaimo can help you explore your dental restoration options. If you’re not comfortable with the oral surgery needed to install a dental implant, he might recommend a dental bridge.

It requires a two-stage restoration to install a replica tooth fused to a pair of crowns. The bridge will be installed onto abutments that are formed from the two closest teeth.

The bridge will need to be created at a special dental lab. When it’s ready, Dr. Vincent J. Giaimo will install it into your mouth with a strong dental-grade adhesive. This will fully restore the tooth’s function and presence in your mouth for many years to come.

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