Create an Improved Oral Health Identity with Laser Dentistry

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Did you know that lasers have existed dentistry since the early 1990s and are still being continuously used in a wide array of dental procedures in modern times? Lasers deliver a level of precision that is not possible with the human touch, allowing services to be given that are extremely safe and precise.

Create an improved oral health identity with laser dentistry. If your oral health care requires laser dentistry, remember the following:

– Teeth Whitening Treatments: Lasers are often used to activate gels used in tooth whitening treatments designed to clean deep stains and discolorations.
– Mouth Lesions: Lasers can be used to eliminate mouth lesions and canker sores in your inner gums.
– Cavities: Lasers can clear away any decay and excess gum tissue surrounding a tooth before a dental filling is used to fill a cavity as well as harden the filling after it is applie
-Periodontal Disease treatments: Lasers remove bacteria and infected tissue associated with gum disease

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