Teeth Whitening with LumaCool™

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A healthy, radiant smile involves building good oral hygiene habits and having regular professional dental cleanings to maintain your tooth enamel. Your diligent daily brushing and flossing keep your teeth (and gums) looking their best. At the dental office of Dr. Vincent J. Giaimo located in Amsterdam, New York, one of our most popular requests for treatment for a more appealing smile is teeth whitening.

In as little as one treatment, teeth whitening can brighten your smile. Our professional system uses a powerful, safe whitening gel applied to tooth enamel. This gel lightens stains, discoloration, and any yellowing on the teeth. Do you know what might be dulling your pearly whites?

1- Food and beverages: berries, certain candies, coffee, tea, and red wine can attach to the tooth enamel and stain it.

2- Tobacco use: tar and nicotine can darken teeth.

3- Medications: drugs such as antibiotics, antipsychotics, antihistamines, and high blood pressure medications can alter tooth enamel.

4- Age: as enamel thins out over time, the yellower dentin layer beneath comes through.

5- Trauma: injury can darken tooth color because the tooth creates more dentin in response to an injury.

Our dental practice uses the LumaCool™ Whitening System for our patients in Amsterdam, New York, to whiten both arches of your mouth simultaneously in less than an hour. Please give us a call today at (518) 843-9177 if you are interested in learning how Dr. Vincent J. Giaimo and our team can renew your smile, and make 2017 your brightest smile yet!