What to Eat if You’ve Had a Tooth Removed

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If you or a member of your family is preparing for a tooth extraction, you probably want to know what foods to stock in your fridge and what foods to avoid for a few days.

As you might expect, soft foods are the most ideal choices. Here are some ideas:

Ice Cream: Unless your teeth are really sensitive, ice cream or frozen yogurt is a lovely choice to eat after a tooth extraction. Its soft texture won’t disturb the extraction site and its cold temperature may even help minimize and soothe inflammation. Soft serve is best, and avoid any crunchy mix-ins or eating the ice cream cone, as these can aggravate your gums.

Smoothies: Blend some fresh fruit like strawberries, mangoes or bananas with some yogurt or kefir. The latter products will provide your teeth with calcium and add probiotics to your mouth and the rest of your body. It will also help the fruit to be less acidic so that they are less likely to irritate the extraction site or your tooth enamel.

Eggs: Whether they are scrambled, over easy, or sunny side up, eggs are a great way to get some satisfying protein into your diet without the toughness of meat. Avoid hard-boiled eggs as they may be a bit too rough when your recovery is just beginning.

You’ll want to steer clear of spicy and acidic foods, as these can irritate your mouth. Crunchy foods can hurt your gums and you may even find that bits of them break off and get stuck in the healing socket. Do not drink with a straw as the sucking motion can increase your risk of developing dry socket, a condition wherein the blood clot over the extraction site becomes dislodged.

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